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The price observatory for telecommunications and postal services consists of two subsystems: the Observatory (Pricescope) and the Repository of tariffs.
The  Repository subsystem is maintained by EETT and updated by providers with retail tariffs’ data for electronic communications and courier delivery products. The providers have entered all details of their products with precision and in a consolidated manner in accordance with the regulatory framework of EETT.
The Observatory subsystem (Pricescope) provides users with search and comparison services of retail tariffs of electronic communications and courier services, in a uniform manner. It also extracts data from the electronic Repository.



The basic tools provided by Pricescope are:

  • Comparison of electronic communications and courier products tariffs

Comparison is a simple process that enables advanced search. You can fill one or more fields, declaring the use for which you wish to compare products. In each comparison, the results differ depending on the fields that you fill in and usage data you enter.

  • Search and presentation of all electronic communications and courier commercial products available

"Search" enables you to access data and information for each product separately.

Criteria Import

Depending on the criteria submitted/selected by the user, the application displays a subset of electronic communications products or postal services of all stored products. The products shown, meet the criteria entered by the user. In the event that none of the criteria entered by the user is met by any product, then no results are displayed.

Regarding electronic communications products:

  • The user states the desired use, either by entering very basic information (e.g. the talk time to all mobile phone), or by completing details which allow further analysis of the usage (e.g. the percentage of talk time consumed to a certain network i.e. on-net calls).
    The user can also insert criteria in order to delimit search and therefore, the subset of products to be displayed (e.g. type of contract).
  • The comparison tool, after processing the inserted information and data on products that are available on the application at the moment, displays a list of products and / or combinations of electronic communications products, sorted in ascending order (average monthly cost). The average monthly cost results from a simulation of user data on a 12-month basis. Note that calculations/results include current VAT and any subscriber fee, where applicable.

Regarding postal service products:

  • The user fills in the desired information about the object that he wants to send. These are divided into receipt/delivery data, data relating to the item to be dispatched as well as shipping information.
    Furthermore, additional information can be entered, besides mandatory information, such as the specific content of the object to be dispatched as well as additional desired services. These criteria may modify the products subset to be displayed in the results.
  • The comparison tool, after processing the inserted information and data on products that are available on the application, displays a postal services product list, sorted in ascending cost order. As a second sorting option, the (maximum) delivery time of the postal item can be selected. Note that calculations/results include the VAT indicated for each service provided.
Methodology Advantages
  • It is objective because it applies a single (uniform) evaluation for all products.
  • It is detailed, and presents all product characteristics.
  • Technologically innovative because it looks for product combinations.
  • It is transparent, the classification, analysis and presentation procedure is available to all interested parties.
  • It is easy to use, enabling multiple searches and options to the consumer, according to the criteria set.
  • Reduces search and compare time because it collects all commercially available packages / services.