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  • The objective of the Telecommunication & Postal Products Prices Monitoring System is informative. Results obtained by its use, are offered only for indicative information. The quality of the results depends entirely on the data inserted for this purpose, by the electronic communications services and postal services providers. Modular algorithms that constitute the basis of the System’s comparative evaluation services are the current EETT approach in the classification of the available retail telecommunications and postal products, based on defined search and comparison fields. In the case of the electronic communications markets, the main function of the algorithm is to calculate the cost of use of specific products and / or combinations of products that meet the user's criteria. In the case of postal services markets, a key feature of the algorithm is to calculate the cost of services that meet the user's criteria.
  • These algorithms do not constitute the best approach for calculating the cost of services. The analytical mode of each of the comparative evaluation algorithms used in each of the two markets, was put to open public consultation in accordance with the principles of transparency, reliability and validity. The relevant text and EETT’s positions on the issues raised during the public consultation are listed on the site for the comparative evaluation algorithm of electronic communications and the comparative evaluation algorithm of postal services. It is noted that the texts are technical.
  • In order to collect the information on retail telecommunications and postal products, specialized standardization models of the relevant product information were developed, twhich are called «Formats» and «Data Patterns». A Format and a Data Pattern corresponds in each market, i.e. in the market of electronic communications services and in the market of postal services,. The Formats and the Data Patterns were finalized in collaboration with the corresponding services providers, through open public consultation procedures.
  • Algorithms, Formats and Data Patterns used for the operation of the Telecommunication & Postal Products Monitoring Prices System evolve and change, based on the needs and the evolution of the relevant markets.
  • Regarding the operation of the System, exported results are general and depend on the information inserted in the System by the user and by the simulation done using the default values. More specifically, results are exported based on the information that the user considers should be inserted in the System, as well as a number of parameters that attempt to capture market size and are derived from data given to EETT by the providers. Therefore, this System cannot replace any specific personalized information that the user can get through the various means of communication of telecommunication and postal providers.
  • The use of EETT’s website is subject to Greek and international laws, to customary rules and also to accepted principles of morality. All information contained on the website of EETT, is available to users only for informative purposes and under no circumstances for commercial purposes. Reproduction for personal use or for further non-commercial dissemination to end users (for educational purposes, research, private study or internal circulation within an organization) is permitted provided it is duly mentioned EETT’s copyright and source. The graphics and images that appear on the website are protected by copyright and may not be reproduced in any way without the written consent of the respective operator. Amendment of EETT website material or use for other purposes will be prosecuted.
  • EETT’s intention is to provide through its website accurate and updated information. For this reason, providers are legally obliged to provide updated and accurate information on the system. However, while EETT takes reasonable care to correct any defects, the Authority does not guarantee the content of this website in terms of correctness and accuracy of the information inserted by the providers, and visitors use the Information on their own responsibility and Risk. EETT does not undertake any liability for any directly or indirectly damage (caused to the users/visitors by the use of the website and / or the information contained therein). EETT may at any time revise the content of this site without notice, and proceed to changes and improvements.
  • EETT undertakes no liability for any damage that may be caused by the use of links to other sites, the information that may be published in the web pages of those links,, the security policy of other nodes, as well as the mode of managing their electronic visitors.
  • EETT underlines that personal data which may be inserted by the user in the System is not subject to any other use or processing beyond the absolutely necessary for the System operation, in accordance with the existing legislative and regulatory framework. EETT guarantees absolute confidentiality of any personal information that could be inserted into the system. Moreover, EETT ensures that under no circumstances, information will not be disclosed to third parties.
  • According to the EETT decision 664 / 11B / 09.10.2012 "Establishment and operation of Electronic Communications Products Prices Observatory System in the Greek market ' and EETT decision 743/014/2014" Establishment and operation of Postal Services Retail Price Monitoring System in the Greek market "(Government Gazette 83 / B / 01.19.2015)., as are currently in effect, providers are solely responsible against users, for the correct, timely and without any errors on data updates of the publicly available information of electronic communications and postal services pricelists in the System. In case of violation of the obligation of reliable and timely system data update with accurate data, EETT may impose, under Article 77 of 4070/2012 (Government Gazette 82 / A / 2012) and Article 17 of v. 4053/2012 (Government Gazette 44 / A / 2012) sanctions.
  • In any case, it is specified that the results exported, are intended only to help users in the search of the most appropriate product based on their profile, providing them with basic information on products that match with the users consumer habits, as described in the input data, inserted into the System.
  • Data of Pricescope that appertain to Law 4305/2014 (Official Gazette 237/A/2014) can be extracted from Pricescope and presented freely at the website data.gov.gr (a central catalogue of public data that provides access to databases of Greek government parties) for further use and development for commercial or non-commercial purposes, according to Law 4305/2014. The extraction of public data from Pricescope requires that the interested party has already created an account as third party.
  • The website’s complaints form, allows users to indicate potential price and features failures, in the event that prices or availability features, which have been inserted by the provider, are not in accordance with the prices of the service / product that is available in the official network / communication channel of the provider at a given time.
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