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User Instructions

By using “Search”, you can get detailed information for specific products. Apply one or more filters in order to search for products with specific features.


By using “Compare”, you can compare various products that meet your search criteria.

To see the results of the comparison, you must select and/or fill in one or more fields, outlining the courier service for which you are interested to compare products.

For more accurate results, enter as much information as possible, concerning the the desired service.

  • Complete the following obligatory fields:
    •  Pick up area (sender), country and delivery area (recipient) of the postal item.
    •  Type of item (letter / envelope or parcel). A document / envelope is defined as an item of up to 2kg.
    •  Weight (kg) (and size of the item (cm), in case of a parcel)
    •  Maximum preferred delivery time
  • Complete one or more of the following optional fields to get more accurate results:
    •  Pickup / Delivery point (postal service point, customer address)
    •  Special item content (fragile, constant temperature, subject to alteration, irregular shape, flexible)
    •  Payment method (cash, credit)
    •  Bulk Shipping (within a specific county or within Greece) Multiple shipping
    Additional optional fields that are included in the comparison are: payment on delivery, cash  on delivery, courier hold, call before delivery, insure items with a declared value option, morning delivery before a specified time, guaranteed time delivery, guaranteed delivery, signature/reference number return, members loyalty program, packaging,  Saturday delivery, purchase.
Information displayed in the search results:
  • The commercial names of the courier services that meet the criteria of comparison.
  • The value of the basic service
  • The delivery time
  • «Details» of the service, which include all the features of the service and the cost of any additional features that the user has selected
Attention Points:
  • You can only search and compare courier services because the application does not include ordinary postal services.
  • For each service, restrictions on the maximum allowed dimensions and / or the allowed volume of the item may apply.